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About Terry Ruth

Terry Ruth is a life long learner, compassionate listener,

and will be your biggest cheer leader. 

She is excited to help others navigate toward a life of

intention, which results in growth and harmony, 

She has experience with PTSD and is now

gratefully living in recovery instead of reaction.

Part of continuous healing is finding intention

in every part of life. This helps to keep on

a track toward growth and harmony.

Interacting with horses as been a major part of Terry Ruth's

healing. They are her angels, therapists and loyal friends.

Terry Ruth loves to share thoughts, lessons, ideas and resources

that have helped her journey with PTSD and other trauma. 

You are the hero of your story and Terry Ruth's role,

as a life coach or EAL facilitator, is to equip you for success 

to experience life filled with intention, growth and harmony.

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Terry Ruth's
New Novel

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Anna Wells and the Mystery of the Dusty Duchess

When a nearly starved pony named Dusty is rescued by her mom, 13-year-old Anna vows to find those responsible and bring them to justice. According to her dad, Anna’s heart has an overly developed justice muscle.
Anna’s friends Ginger, a whiz kid in Pony Club; and Felicity, an elite soccer player, pitch in to help solve the mystery. But when all clues lead back to the Gordon family, Anna is conflicted. Mrs. Gordon teaches the Pony Club lessons and Zane is a friend. How can they be mixed up in Dusty’s past?
Join Anna and her friends as they solve their first Animal Justice Club mystery.

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